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Baby Audio : Top 3 Free 80s Effect VST Plugins

Baby Audio : Must-have 3 Free 80s Effect VST plugins

The Baby Audio company offers 3 free effects plugins ideal for an 80s Vintage effect on your music productions. Discover more now

First… What’s 80s Music ?

The music of the 80’s is a crucial period that still has repercussions today in Pop, Synthwave, Soul and more.

It was the time when Michael Jackson, Madonna, Marvin Gaye and many talented others were at their peak.

It was also the time when electronic equipment also took a priority place in music productions, hence the birth of the Yamaha DX7, Roland synths, Lindrumm drums, and other gems still used today.

Nowadays, effects or emulation instruments from the 80’s VST are used a lot in music production to make poignant melodies and also in the mixing and mastering of singers’ voices to give power to current hits.

Catchy Electric Rhythm Guitar

Magic Dice : Endless 80s FX Generator

Magic Dice is a free multi-FX effect VST that randomly generates effects ideal for embellishing your Synthwave, Vaporwave but also R&B, Dancehall and other beats.

These multiple FX are based on “alien” sound effects, reverb and echoes.

Download Magic Dice for free : here

Magic Switch : Free Juno 60s Chorus Emulation VST

Based on the emulation of the famous chorus built into the Roland Juno 60 synth, Magic Switch is a free VST effect that is simple to use but will delight fans of this effect popular in the 80s.

Download Magic Switch : here

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Baby Comeback : Free 80s delay VST

In the same bracket of others free VST analog FX emulations, Baby Comeback is a VST delay that will delight many. Personally, I use it sometimes in my music productions.

It has 4 great effects presets that we can arrange ourselves in a detailed way.

Download Free Baby Comeback : here

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