Free Hahaha CS01 VST, Yamaha CS01 : 80s Dancehall Raggamuffin VST

Free Hahaha CS01 VST, Yamaha CS01 :  80s Dancehall Raggamuffin VST
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Ready to produce a raggamuffin bass for Shabba Ranks worthy of the 80s? This free emulation VST of Yamaha CS 01 is what you need

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Wait, what is Raggamuffin?

Raggamuffin, a musical subgenre of reggae. In Jamaican slang, a raggamuffin a hustler who is struggling but who will stay honest to the end and do everything to get by without ever betraying anyone. The equivalent in American English slang is hustler.

Famous producers of this era are jamaican duo producers : Steelie and Clevie ,creator of the legendary riddim ” Dembow “, the father of Reggaeton music genre.


This term originally designates a category of individual but not a musical genre. The Jamaican “raggamuffin” self-produce their records in which they comment on current events, and sell them from town to town. The crowd gathers around the sound system, where the DJ expresses himself on the music of the record offered for sale, in a diction that can sometimes be ultra-fast.

Dancehall has two complementary sub-categories: slackness, with bawdy, even sexist lyrics, and lover, more romantic and peaceful.

Famous raggamuffin singers are :

Yamaha CS 01 : Birth

Born in 1982, the Yamaha CS 01 is a flagship monophonic bass synth of the 80s used in Raggamuffin and also in Zouk of the 80s.

This bass was the flagship bass of the ancestor of the current Jamaican dancehall : the raggamuffin.

Whether in the riddims used by Beenie Man, Shabba Ranks and others: it was the Yamaha CS O1 that was the flagship bass of the Caribbean beat and the flagship element of the song.

Hahaha CS 01 : Free Yamaha CS01 Emulation VST

A man named Pethu, has created an excellent free VST emulation of the Yamaha CS01: ideal to relive the popular Caribbean music of the 80s.

Features :

  • LFO
  • VCF
  • VCA
  • EG
  • Filters

Get yours for free : here