How I Produce an Afro Remix of Tinashe’s “Nasty” with Afroplug Loops

How I Produce an Afro Remix of Tinashe’s “Nasty” with Afroplug Loops
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When I first heard Tinashe’s “Nasty,” I was instantly captivated by its sultry vibes and catchy melody. I knew it had the potential for an Afrobeat twist, and with the help of Afroplug’s extensive loop library, I was able to bring my vision to life. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how I produced an Afro remix of “Nasty.”

Step 1: Setting the Foundation with Afroplug Loops

The first step in my remixing process was to establish a solid rhythmic foundation. Afroplug offers a wide variety of loops that are perfect for crafting Afrobeat tracks. I began by browsing through our drum loops, looking for a pattern that would complement Tinashe’s original beat while adding a distinct Afrobeat flavor : I Choose Oya & Afro Fills Afroplug Packs


I settled on a vibrant, mid-tempo drum loop that featured a combination of congas, shakers, and a punchy kick drum. This loop provided the rhythmic backbone for my remix, ensuring it had the infectious groove characteristic of Afrobeat music.

Step 2: Layering Percussion and Bass

With the primary drum loop in place, I moved on to layering additional percussion elements. Afroplug’s library is filled with diverse percussive sounds, from traditional African instruments to modern electronic hits. I added a few clave and bongo loops to enhance the rhythmic complexity of the track.

Next, I focused on the bassline. Afrobeat tracks often feature prominent, syncopated basslines that drive the groove forward. Using Afroplug’s bass loops, I found a deep, resonant bassline that perfectly complemented the existing percussion. This gave the remix a solid low-end foundation and added to its danceable quality.

Step 3: Adding Melodic Elements

To give the remix its unique character, I needed to incorporate melodic elements that would blend seamlessly with Tinashe’s vocals. Afroplug offers a vast array of melodic loops, including guitars, keyboards, and synths that are ideal for Afrobeat production.

I selected a guitar loop with a bright, plucky sound that added a touch of high-end sparkle to the mix. The rhythmic guitar riff created a nice counterpoint to the bassline and drums, enhancing the overall groove. Additionally, I layered a few keyboard loops to provide harmonic support and fill out the track’s sonic landscape.

Step 4: Incorporating Vocal Chops and FX

To make the remix stand out, I wanted to incorporate some vocal chops and effects. Afroplug’s library includes various vocal samples and effects that can add a unique flair to any production. I chopped up a few vocal samples and strategically placed them throughout the track, adding interest and variation.

I also used some atmospheric effects from Afroplug to create smooth transitions between different sections of the remix. These subtle touches helped to glue the elements together and maintain the listener’s engagement.

Step 5: Mixing and Mastering

Once all the elements were in place, I focused on mixing and mastering the track. I started by balancing the levels of each element, ensuring that Tinashe’s vocals sat prominently in the mix while allowing the Afrobeat instrumentation to shine.

I applied EQ and compression to enhance the clarity and punch of the drums and bass. Reverb and delay were used sparingly to add depth and space to the melodic elements. Finally, I applied LANDR AI Mastering to give the remix a polished, professional sound that would stand up well against commercial releases.


Producing an Afro remix of Tinashe’s “Nasty” was a rewarding experience, made even more enjoyable with the use of Afroplug loops. Their extensive library provided all the necessary elements to transform the original track into a vibrant Afrobeat remix. By combining rhythmic percussion, a groovy bassline, melodic guitar riffs, and vocal chops, I was able to create a remix that’s both unique and true to the essence of Afrobeat.

If you’re looking to infuse your productions with authentic Afrobeat elements, I highly recommend exploring Afroplug’s offerings. Their loops and samples are a fantastic resource for any producer looking to expand their sonic palette and create music that resonates with the rich cultural heritage of Afrobeat.