Lost-Tapes VST : #1 Free Lofi Effect VST Plugin 2023

Lost Tapes : #1 Free Lofi Effect VST 2022

Superfly creates the best free lofi FX plugin 2022 Availble for Mac & PC : Lost Tapes. Get everything you need for your next Chilled Cow and Lofi girl type beats available in our New Platform

Free Lofi Girl VST : Lost-Tapes

Lost Tapes : #1 Free Lofi Effect VST 2022 - Free Tape Emulation Plugin 2022

Created by Superfly DSP, the Analog Plugins Emulations Company, this free Lofi Plugin from 2022 is perfect to bring the vintage and unique grain, which will make your music productions shine.

Ideal for lo-fi beats of course, this free vintage plugin can be added to vocals, guitars . In addition, it will easily combine with other types of music such as Trap Soul R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop and more.

Personally, I think it can even add some pep and personality to the often repetitive Trap or Drill melodies.

Features :

Catchy Electric Rhythm Guitar
  • Noise
  • Distorsion
  • Presets
  • Flutter
  • Depth
  • Stereo Control
  • Different GUI Sizes

It’s available for free into our Platform : here

Tape Old School Audio Effect : Cassette Audio Sound

The Tape Emulation FX Plugins are inspired by Audio Cassette Sounds heard several years ago. But What is An Audio Cassette?

The audio cassette, Compact Cassette according to its official designation, also called minicassette or musicassette – commonly abbreviated in French by the allograph K7, is a magnetic recording medium invented by Lou Ottens, patented and put on the market in 1963 by Philips after several years of research and development.

It contains two reels around which a magnetic tape is wound. It allows to record and to listen to music or any other type of sound. It is used with a specially designed tape recorder called a cassette recorder. This element can be integrated into a more complex device such as a radio cassette, a car radio, a hi-fi system, etc.

The cassette was very successful and was the standard for domestic audio recording until the appearance of recordable compact discs. It supplants in two decades the American format of the audio cartridge with 4 or 8 tracks which is well developed on the national market, as well in the hifi systems as in the car radios.

Until 1983 and the appearance of the compact audio disc, commercial recordings were distributed in the form of LPs and cassettes called music cassettes. The music cassette continued well beyond the advent of the CD, particularly in the United States. From 1983 onwards, sales of music cassettes far outstripped those of analogue 33 rpm vinyl records, as portable devices and car radios provided the cassette with prime areas of use. The cassette was also the basis for the worldwide success of the Walkman, the ultra-portable cassette player marketed in 1979 by SONY.

While the audio cassette was already losing ground since the commercialization of the audio CD, the great popularity of the digital Walkman since the beginning of the 2000s made it lose one of the last markets where it kept an advantage over the CD : portable devices subjected to shocks or vibrations (for sports such as jogging, for example)

Download Free Lo FI FX VSt 2022 : here

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