Free Ultimate Marketing Tools for Music Producers & DJs

Music Producer Marketing : Free marketing tools for producers

As a Marketing graduate and producer, I would like to share with you my secret marketing tools that have helped me increase my beats sales and music contacts.

Here is a list of free marketing tools to improve your music producer marketing strategies : gain more money with your beats and popularity

1. Hubspot : Email Marketing

First, what is email marketing?

Email marketing is sending emails on a regular basis (not too often) to your existing beats customers, or to people who downloaded one of your free beats in exchange for their email.

The purpose of sending email marketing is to potentially increase your chances of having new instrumental sales and to continue to generate interest around your musical productions among your potential future buyers or already acquired.

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Music Producer Marketing : Free marketing tools for producers

Hubspot is a free tool that enables email marketing.

We often talk about Mailchimp for email marketing, which is good, but the advantage of Hubspot is that you can also store more than 1 million email contacts in your free account: isn’t that great?

Don’t hesitate to use it and be ready to send welcome, reminder or promotion emails on your beats to your email contact list made surely via your beats stores.

Try for free Hubspot : here

2. Kapwing : Create Beats snippets for social media

Music Producer Marketing : Free marketing tools for producers

Kapwing is a complete free tool to create visuals for your instrumentals or beatmaking videos quickly.

Whether you want to quickly create videos of any popular predefined format like Instagram, etc… or create GIFS or edit videos from Youtube links and more : Kapwing is the fast and quality solution for your visual marketing.

Try Kapwing : here

3. Canva : Create covers for your sounds

Accompanied by royalty free images and your creativity, Canva, is the popular tool that is growing at great speed, not to be overlooked to make your visuals for your videos Youtube, Instagram, Tik tok and others.

Moreover, it allows you to publish your visuals directly to the social network : Instagram

Use for free Canva : here

4. Ubersuggest : free potential customers to your beats store

Music Producer Marketing : Free marketing tools for producers

Yes, it’s possible! How can it be done : Inbound Marketing. For using Inbound methodology, you have to create a Blog part on your website even if it’s a beats store : I know it’s possible with Beatstars and similar marketplaces.

Creating a blog, is a natural SEO technique, which will allow you to bring traffic and 70% of the people potentially interested in your sample packs or your beats.

How do you do it? By creating blog posts related to your style of music productions for example or to subjects that could interest your future customers : this way you will appear in the first Google results of their searches.

Ubersuggest, created by a renowned marketer Neil Patel, will allow you to choose the appropriate keywords to build your articles according to the interests that you will have identified in your potential customers.

For example, surely your future customers searching for beats can also search for long tail keywords such as: “how to break into music”, “the best cheap microphones for home studios”.

Write these long tail keywords in Ubersuggest and you’ll have ideas for article topics to realize and thus more traffic on your site and instrumental sales! 🙂

Use for free Ubersuggest : here

Bonus : Producer Marketing Guide

In order to enlighten you and help you with your marketing, we have created an E-book mini guide on Music Producer Marketing with the key notions to know to improve your music business right away.

Download Producer Marketing Guide : here

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