Analog Obsession & Superfly DSP : free analog emulations plugins

Superfly DSP Effects VST : 5 free analog emulation plugins

Are your music productions lacking a quality analog and vintage Motown touch?

Try Analog Obsession and Superfly DSP, two audio plugin companies that offers us excellent free analog emulation VSTs

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Superfly DSP : Free FX analog emulation VSTs

Superfly DSP specializes in quality plugins for all analog and vintage sound lovers. They can be used for your guitars, pianos and other instruments to add a touch of fantasy to them.

Perfect for Motown R&B, Neo-Soul, Alicia Keys worthy or the superb H.E.R, Erykah Badu, The Roots and more: they are to be tried.

Here are 5 free plugins, Superfly DSP offers :

1. Flying Chorus VST : Chorus FX

Superfly DSP Effects VST  : 5 free analog emulation plugins

Flying Chorus is a musical effect of the 80’s that takes you back in time with pleasure.

Catchy Electric Rhythm Guitar


  • Delay
  • BPM Synchronization
  • Frequency
  • Depth

Download Flying Chorus VST : here

2. Flying Tremolo VST : Tremolo FX

Superfly DSP Effects VST  : 5 free analog emulation plugins

Often used on Rhodes and Wurlitzer keyboards, this vintage tremolo effect from the 1950s will delight musicians who are fans of the music of this era.


  • BPM Division
  • Stero Width
  • Waveform

Download Flying Tremolo : here

3. Flying Phaser Stereo VST : Stereo FX

Always in line with the reproduction of the vintage sound, this VST Stereo will make you travel without having to move.


  • Stero Witdh
  • Depth

Try Flying Stero Phaser : here

4. Flying Delay VST : Delay FX

Superfly DSP Effects VST  : 5 free analog emulation plugins

Inspired by the analog tape delay gears, Flying Delay is an asset to your warmest melodies.


  • Delay
  • High Pass
  • Low Pass
  • Synchronization

Download Flying Delay : here

5. Flying Wahwah VST : Wah Wah FX

Superfly DSP Effects VST  : 5 free analog emulation plugins

Reproducing the Wah Wah effect famous in the reggae of the 70s, at the time of Bob Marley and the wailers and many others: this VST has everything to please the producers hooked on this era.


  • BPM Synchronization
  • Depth
  • Stereo Width
  • Wave Form
  • Trigger Level
  • ADSR

Download Flying Wah Wah : here

Analog Obsession : 9 Free Analog sounds VSTS

Analog obsessions offers us via Patreon, 9 excellents free analog VST created by a talented audio developer. These plugins available are by example :

  • Compressor SSQ
  • Equalizer
  • Pedal
  • Reverb
  • Limiter…and more!

Download these 9 free analog VST : here

Bonus : Afroplugin, the Drum VST for Nu Soul, R&B 90s and Reggae

Speaking of vintage, of the musical years before, we also have something to offer you at Afroplug: Afroplugin.

Afroplugin is a VST Drum that will allow you to realize musical genres with an Afro tendency. You can find drums ready to be used for 90s R&B beats and more, then for Nu Soul, worthy of D’Angelo and more.

Download for Afroplugin for free : here

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