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Downloaded over 50,000+ times since its launch in 2021,

Afroplugin is a FREE Drum VST designed for making great African beats : Dancehall, R&B, Reggaeton, Lo-fi, Afrobeats and more :

  • 120 sounds (with Lo-Pass, Hi-Pass, Reverb, Saturation, ADSR available)
  • 10 Presets
  • Available for Mac & Windows (32-/64-bits)
  • Mac Installer included for MacOS Catalina and newer users
  • Available for all DAWs
  • Updated Version

Discover below some beats made with Afroplugin Drum Presets :



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  • Trusted by Producers of Beyoncé, Sean Paul, Davido, Travis Scott, Asake, Burna Boy & More!
  • Used by 70 000+ Producers Worldwide
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Vendor: Afroplug

579 reviews for Afroplugin – Drum VST

  1. bobby

    Great plugin with some excellent, and useful, sounds included for the different genres.
    Their are some minor issues (effects are Global) and it needs some work to make it more effective, but it’s a fantastic first time effort and I look forward to the updates and improvements. The developers are open to dialogue and seek constructive feedback, which is always a good thing!

    • Afroplug

      Thanks for the great feedback and support Bobby! We’ll keep it up!


    Usually the first question people think about when it comes to a “freebie” is the question: “is it any good?” Or “does it produce high quality sound?”
    I have spent hours on this free “Afroplugin – Drum Vst,” trying out the various sounds and presets, and I can fully assure everybody that it is a great tool when it comes to producing drum beats of different genres, from Afrobeats to Reggae, Hip-hop, RnB, Funk, and even GOSPEL, etc.
    It has high quality drum samples which sound good on Monitors, Headphones, and even Hi-fi speakers. If a sound bank of samples is great in all of these three areas above, then it’s quality is pretty unquestionable.
    There are also some essential global effects like hi-pass and low-pass filters, panner for each sample, etc; and my favourite among these global effects is the Saturation effect, which can give your drum mix a catchy texture.
    In fact, when it comes to African style Afrobeats, I haven’t yet seen any free drum Vst that is better than this one.
    You won’t regret trying out this drum plugin, after all, Afroplug is giving this wonderful music tool out for free. Now, go check it out yourself!

  3. masayuki iwasaki

    The download and installation method was very easy to understand and I was able to use it immediately. The sound quality was perfect!

    • Afroplug

      Thank you Mayasuki for your feedback! We’re glad everything is working! Have fun 😉

  4. issah

    This is definitely the best way to start 2021.
    what a great tool!!.Thank you much for this helpful platform.

    • Afroplug

      Thank you Issah for this encouragement! Best wishes to you!

  5. almeida serge


    I tried afroplugin with my mac os catalina and logic pro X, logic pro detects the version of your plugin in version 2.5.9 and not version 1, moreover it is broken.

    good luck

    • Afroplug

      Hello Almeida, we are sorry to hear that and we will improve it. But first, have you downloaded the new version sent? It is on your account. Please try again and if it still doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to come back to us. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    An amazing tool for Zouk, Ragga music and Afro

    • Afroplug

      Thank you! Have fun!

  7. Rodrigo


  8. alfredo

    Amazing plugin! love it

  9. Anonymous

  10. Roberto

    Dont work in big sur, i cant see the plug in in my daw

  11. phillip

    Nice all in one drum system for afrobeat drums.

  12. ben

    A great drum plugin

  13. Emiliano

    Great sounds, cool and intuitive design, easy to customize. For shure. it will work wonderful in live performances with pads. Maybe could develop a pattern matrix in the future.

  14. Alfred

  15. Baba

    Great UI and amazing sound

  16. yusuf ephraim

    dopest ever keep it up I am sure you guys have a lot more of awesome stuffs on the way

  17. Praise

    Great sounds, and has a very African vibe to it.

  18. Genius

    Something new and refreshing! Definitely adds life to a track!

  19. JOSHUA

    Pretty nice plugin

  20. Emmanuel

    This is my go-to plugin when I’m making Afrobeats

  21. Youngjin

    This is amazing!

  22. ashwan

    It woule be nicer if there are more rhytems in it. But overall its a nice plugin

  23. Jason

    I like it. I had problems getting it to consistently work, but I do like it.

  24. joshua samuel

    can’t believe this is free ! thanks guys !

  25. Fritz

    great and easy to use stuff!

  26. J

    Its really amazing one. I was wondering good vst for drum and finally I got it. Thanks lot team

  27. Edward Drake

    Sounds great!

  28. Brad Hawkins

    Best Unique Drum Vst for Afrobeats

  29. Doug Rintoul

    Really easy to use but great sounding VST. Love it!

  30. Anonymous

  31. Anonymous

  32. david brooks

    I love this vst. I wish it would be turned into a native instruments kontakt instrument. That would be so cool!

  33. dan

    very good!

  34. Alex

    Really like the UI and the simplicity of it. Made a beat as soon I used it for the first time because of how it was to use. Also the sounds it comes with are on point for anyone who doesnt have a lot of samples.

  35. MINORU

  36. Fadi

    Very unique & useful piece of software!

  37. Marcus Manderson

    I definitely like the idea of this app, especially as Afrobeats take a more prominent role in today’s music. However, the app will not load for me in Logic Pro X; I get an error when opening Logic Pro X. I had to delete the app. Hoping for a fix in a new update.

  38. Peter Jolly

    Extra sounds to spice the mix

  39. Anonymous

    Nice Library, very inspiring!


    Great plugin can be use in different ways for different composition really useful

  41. Miguel

  42. brandon

    Super nice.

  43. Colin Dunkley

    It would not open on my lap top, everytime i opened my DAW it told me the software was damaged and could not open

  44. Gomis

  45. Anonymous


  46. Anonymous

    so far ok other development needed

  47. Mauricio

  48. Anonymous

    Easy and fast

  49. Chris

    Really Quality sounds and especially after the last patch everything works like a charm with my Maschine MKII.

  50. Ninja

    I failed in the first introduction, it’s after that, it was possible to make them move by introduction from an additional mail. It’s possible to enjoy itself now.

  51. Vit

    Many thanks, good potential for adding drum variations

  52. ma

  53. Leroy

    Very happy with this plugin! it looks nice, sounds good and it’s FREE 😀

  54. ken kura


  55. Adrian

    A resizable (shrinkable!) UI would be nice to have.

  56. Martijn

    Great selection of drum kits for instant inspiration. With some great controls to change the sound slightly. Love to see more of this with more indepth controls

  57. Anonymous


  58. Anonymous

    Nice positive sound

  59. Van

  60. Dahya Mistry

    Just had a quick look at this and it sounds quite useful, nice sounds, easy to use, shame you can’t get multi outputs, ie send each sound to a different track (using Reaper), but I guess I could always put the plugin on a number of tracks. Nice plugin though.

  61. Arath

    What to say, it’s weird that no one asked for it, and that really in drum kits there are not so many nice things, it is one of the best free drum machines that I have seen, its drum kits are very good, and it amazes me how they sound Despite being free, I hope they make other plugins like that to make other genres like r & b, pop, rock and other genres, and if the possibility is given I hope they are free, I expect more accessories from you 😀 !!!

  62. Sibona

    Afroplug is awesome! It offers various presets to kickstarter your creativity.

  63. William

    Cool and most of all useable….

  64. Marc Rose

    Good staple sounds but not nearly as flexible as inputting sounds in other available drum machine vsts. Would need to be alot more sounds and alot more flexibility to change parameters per pad to be useful in the day to day toolbox.

  65. a

  66. nounoursman

  67. swaib


  68. Lyon

  69. james


  70. Tesfa

    Afro Plug is a very good plugin at the best price possible. 100% worth the download!! very user friendly… Vampz

  71. Livio Necco

    Good job, guys!, It’s awesome.

  72. Anonymous

    muy buen pluning para las hacer las baterias. Simple e intuitivo.

  73. Richard

  74. Jahmel

    Great For Dancehall!!!
    Definitely One of my favorite Plugins


    dope plug, very good song

  76. STD

  77. DonParty


    Awesome plugin
    for free

  79. Philip

    Nice plugin, will come in useful

  80. Ivan


  81. Samuel

    Nice One

  82. birdsongz

    Sound Great, but a problem with activation

  83. Anonymous

  84. Neil

    Nice simple clean GUI. Great sounds.

  85. jose

    Me encanto! es perfecto para lo que necesito facil de usar y sonidos de gran calidad.

  86. Azziz Maajid-Bey

    Unable to install. I followed all the direction but it doesn’t work. I really wanted to utilize and have fun creatively.

  87. Toby M

    Great plugin guys excellent work

  88. Anonymous

    For me the drums sound very nice and crisp….good job

  89. Anonymous

    Didn’t work. Au component damaged or something

  90. Quentin

    Nice tool to sketch out ideas kickly!
    Thank you so much!

  91. LK

    Can’t load in Logic Pro with 2019 macbook pro

  92. Uciel

    Muy intuitivo, bien completo y simple, un as bajo la manga para sacar y darle ese toque percusivo extremo💪💪

  93. parick

    Vst with a beautiful interface, easy to use and offering many sounds. a must have in your collection.

  94. Rodrigo


  95. Yoman

    This is really amazing VST Plugin, I just used it for my VEVO projects and it sounds amazing, Fantastico

  96. Anonymous

    Great VST!

  97. Raimundo Matias

    This awesome kit!

  98. big wheel

    Please release a 32 bit windows version I can’t use any of your gear if u don’t

  99. Anonymous

  100. Orestes

    Very nice sounds

  101. Ignacio de Jesús

    Very easy to use and great sounds, I wish it had more sounds to create more beats, but I love it 🙂

  102. Anonymous

  103. Anonymous

  104. Anonymous

    Excellent and useful plugin. Must have

  105. clem Bushay

    Excellent. (great stuff )

  106. George

    Great samples, adding more outputs is the only major improvement I can think of.

  107. Ismael

    Great for anyone starting out in music

  108. NORMAN

    The plug-in didn’t even register on my daw and I haven’t been able to use

  109. Nineven

    A nice & humble drum plugin with ready to go snappy sounds.

  110. Sadiki


  111. Anonymous

  112. jonathas


  113. Darren

    A cool Vst that help along with your tracks.. Great Stuff!..

  114. Jade

    A really nice and versatile vst plugin!!!! Would have loved more rnb drum sounds!

  115. JEFF

    Just what I needed a quick tool to get creativity flowing!!

  116. sudhan

  117. Tim

    i really love it, it sounds amazing

  118. Anonymous

    I can’t open in Logic Pro X, I don’t know why? I just follow your instruction😅😅

  119. TH

  120. Anonymous

    This plugin is very simple to use and produces good sounds. I recommend this 🙂

  121. Jeffrey

    Straightforward, easy to use and it sounds great! Definitely a keeper.

  122. yashpal

    This is really the best free frum plugin out there to date essy to use and and u looking for that dancehall I mean dancehall sound check out this product not only dancehall but just saying cause thats my favorite gener

  123. fdgdfg

  124. Anonymous

  125. Nate Smith

  126. Darasimi

    This vst is amazing , looking out for more plugins from you.

  127. Anonymous

    This is a drum instrument with a “now” sound. It’s so easy to use! It’s my favourite.

  128. Anonymous

    Huge palette of sounds! Incredible!

  129. roland

    really good

  130. Bernard

  131. Barry


  132. Paul McKee

    Really enjoying this drum plug in so far. It’s different from the crowd and the samples really suit my taste in music. As a blind person I struggle with some plug ins and hardly any are perfect but I can at least access the list of kits and select the one I want. The sounds play well from my midi keyboard and the mouse will click and play on the screen. There is subtle stereo separation and I think would be easy to do more or split the sounds to different tracks. Only things missing are maybe some midi loops/grooves and ideally a sequencer but on the whole it’s great. Thanks guys!

  133. Santos

  134. Rob

    AU version doesn’t validate in Logic Pro 10.6.1

  135. Max

    This is one of the best free plugins I ever had!
    the layout is simple so I can find easily everything I need, but above all I like that I can change pitch, reverb, saturation, volume, pan and ADSR of every single PAD.
    Love it!

  136. Michael

    Well, I finally got around to trying out the Afroplug Drum VST plugin and I was really amazed at how great it sounds and how easy it is to work with. I love the sounds and can’t wait to do some more recordings with it. I’m excited about what I might be able to accomplish with this plugin. Thanks Afroplug!

  137. Rhita Nattah Bennani

    Its not working!

  138. LOGAN

    everything i need for a afrobeat thank u 🙂

  139. Paul

    A simple, easy to use plugin that has a great set of sounds. A great kick start to the creative process.

  140. Luis almonte

    Wao, wao, waoooo!!! I’m a Regueaton producer but I like to infuse my beats with some Zouk, Kompa, merengue or bachata swing. This plugin is exactly what I need it and wanted. I’m impressed!!! J’adore!!!

  141. hopi sherban

    Not bad,some nice snares and kicks

  142. luis

    Good sound would like to see some beat sequencing or sample mangling.

  143. Ngovi

  144. Claus Kerke

    Nice interface, easy to operate, but I was hoping for a greater variety of sounds. But for free – no reason to complain.

  145. rolando coronel

  146. LLOYD

    Absolutely LURRRVE Afrobeats. Definitely my ‘one-stop shop’ for nice varieties of drum samples across my line of genres. Highly recommended and will use in my future productions. Well done to all at Afroplug – Bless Up

  147. Philip

    Awesome vst, great sound and easy to use!

  148. Richard

    Top notch. Great sound quality and sounds. Ready to make chart banging hits.

  149. Anonymous

    Good drums

  150. Heikki

    A simple no fuss plugin to bang out some beats. The sounds are on point so and there’s not too much hassle to get some decent rhythms going.

  151. Christian

    The sounds are excellent! Good job and thank you for your gift!

  152. kennedy

    Nice one 🔥🔥

  153. Anonymous

  154. Anonymous

    Having trouble downloading and installing

  155. la coolkid

    It’s the best

  156. mr. magic


  157. greg

    Great little alternative drum machine..nice n simple and sounds good!!!


    great quality and simple installation

  159. Anonymous

  160. Vittorio

    It’s incredible! The sound quality is very high and each song I’m using it sounds amazing and cool!

  161. ivan alejandro


  162. Anonymous

    One of the best vst for Afro beats Clean sounding I will use it for making organic sounding beats really exicited and thanks for this one

  163. Michael

    Awesome plugin with room to grow. Great sound that you can edited, add effect s and mix on the fly. I made a track with soon as I loaded it up.

  164. Daniel

    Great VST. Thank you so much

  165. Anonymous

    Wicked plugin with enough control over the sound.

  166. Jimmy Horton

    Very dope. My new go2 plugin for Afro beats, Reggae. Dance hall type styled music. For those in doubt of whether to down load the plugin it’s a no brainer! In fact it’s MUST HAVE plugin for those island, caribean based styled beats. You can also use it to make your own custom loops, tops, bottoms etc. I’ve already used it on a couple of projects, & the results were suprising bkz i didn’t expect very much from this litte (drum) plugin. And i also LOVED the GUI. Only thing i wised it had was (midi) routing which if it does have i couldn’t find lol. I would like to send all the individual sounds to it’s own track if you will, that way i can mix individual drum sound parts, & edit them as specifiied. But all in all i would heavily advise the use, and purchase of Afro plugins & other products bkz the sound quality thus far is exemplirary! Glad i didn’t over look the (FREE) drum plugin offer, & those who do the same will be pleasantly suprised at the QUALITY, of it’s samples, ease of use, as well usability which is key.

  167. Anonymous


  168. Yuji Tanaka


  169. Silvio

  170. im mi

  171. Fadi

    Very useful

  172. Tushar

    Just awesome .. loved this vst drum from afroplug..

  173. Anonymous

  174. Anonymous

    Useful plugin 🙂

  175. Eric

    It’s a very nice and handy plugin, with lots of usable sounds. It would be nice to add some editing capabilities,so as to make it even more versatile.

  176. joel

  177. serge

    Une merveille

  178. jp

    interesting software

  179. Anonymous

    Easy to use and very complete in this categoty of music. Tested with Ableton and Arturia Midi mkII.

  180. Antoine

    Sound good

  181. Tsuyoshi

  182. kuma

    Great rhythmics and sounds.

  183. niko


  184. david

    Il faudrait des loops.

  185. Zib

    High quality samples , easy to use . The 80’s drums sound in your daw !
    Thx .

  186. Alexander

  187. Ranganai

    Super clean

  188. p

  189. Mo

    Afroplugin is AMAZING for a free drum VST and is perfect for making great african beats. 5/5 Stars!

  190. Riley

  191. ricardo criollo


  192. Anonymous

    Afroplug plugin just awesome! been using it. it fun and offers so muany different vibes.

  193. Jorge

    aun no llega y no me aparece ene el daw

  194. deep


  195. Conor Duey

  196. Hyeon-Seol Kang

    It shows the coolness of the pad. It looks complicated, but I like it because it’s simple to use.

  197. Anonymous

    Great tool and easy to use

  198. Anonymous

  199. emiliano

    Great plugin, simple, easy to use, súper fun. I had to make a few afrobeat riddims x backing vocalists and it came really handy ,no needs for browsing to find a cool kit, its all there, ready to groove. Thank you¡

  200. Steven

    This plug in is fantastic, I can finally master make music that I love.

  201. dina

  202. Emmanuel

    Fire Drums

  203. Jo Pereira

    Pros-wonderfull sound quality. and aggangment.
    Cons- Would have been amazing if any option of simply dragging the midi of the beats in afro plugin to your daw.

  204. Jocael

  205. Anonymous

    New drums to try with the Afroplugin !

  206. Nicolas

    Nice plugin offering samples from multiple styles. Easy and quick installation, thanks!

  207. Anonymous

    Muito bom 😊

  208. Nicolas

  209. John

  210. Daniel

    This is a groovy little beatbox with some great sounds.
    I have already used it in a few projects with AfroKeyz.

  211. rexa

  212. Anonymous

  213. logan

    Perfect and even in the free version

  214. Octavius

  215. greg

    Really nice plugin !

  216. Adaramola

  217. Rui Correia

    I loved testing this free version of Afroplug vst, the sounds are very good, I was surprised by the quality, mainly because it is free.
    Afroplugin comes with 10 presets, for you to use in the style of music you want, similar to Afrobeat, Hip-Hop , Reggaeton, Zouk, Kizomba etc. Just let your imagination flow.
    The vst also has a riverb FX, a mixing table for you to control the volume of each piece of drums individually, you just can’t use the pitch and effects to manipulate the sounds individually, at least in the free version, some times that is necessary, but I believe that the full version of the vst will be even more refined, I also missed being able to change the size of the vst. But for a free vst it is wonderful! Thanks to Afroplug

    Ruy C.

  218. tim

    Only used it a couple of times so far but seems like a very good plugin, easy to install and set up in your DAW. Very authentic drum kits and easy to use presets. Seems to be aimed at the Afro and Latin scenes but there’s Hip Hop and others presets too.

  219. FREDDY


  220. Jose

    nice sounds!

  221. Anonymous

    I only tested it once since I purchased it and it was so much fun! Everything one could expect from a basic drum plugin and even more! Very nice sounds and a very good handling!

  222. Ian

    Well what can I say!. I always get tingles when I get my hands on a new drum machine. This is exceptional for a free version. Going to assign my Alesis pads to this drum plugin and it should hopefully sound awesome from what Ive heard from just tinkering around with the presets. What a fabulous gift Afroplug. Muchas Gracias!

  223. Anonymous

    Needs more sounds

  224. Floris

    Great sounds in a cool plugin

  225. Anonymous

    it’s nice but it would be cool if the plugin comes with free midi loops

  226. a

  227. Camille

    Very cool

  228. Travis

    Sounds are Great quality. Afro sounds kinna cool with DnB x Jungle style.

  229. Maddy

    Thank you so much for this amazing product. I Love it 🙂

  230. Anonymous

    Really lives up to its name. The sound quality is great and you can really create the best drum grooves for all Afrobeat genres . Great work guys !

  231. Juan Moreno

    Great sounds!

  232. AMD

    good…really happy that i came across this

  233. alfred banze

    Great tool! Thank you! Only missing: Some Midi files as presets to start on

  234. Anonymous

  235. Anonymous


    A must for all producers in the hunt for new and originals sounds to widen their library and get inspired. Don’t pass on good opportunities

  237. Anonymous


  238. Anonymous

    At first I was like, this won’t be good but then I used it and you could guess why I came back for a review

  239. Alain

    The Afroplug is really inspiring and the quality of the samples are really awesome.

  240. Ritchie Patton

  241. Richard

  242. Anonymous

  243. Bastien

  244. Eli King

    Found this plug-in recommended by a Youtuber and I can easily see why. Many sounds to play with and they all give the vibe I’m looking for to take my music to the next level.

  245. Turgay

    OMG !

  246. franklin

  247. Ian

    … an amazing plugin!…..and also great fun to use!….

  248. Dario

    I love it very much. I think that for the price it’s a interesting tool for producing.

  249. Saron Mani

    Nice plugin, great samples, good to know that it’s free.

  250. Saron Mani

    Nice plugin, great samples, better UI, good to see that its free.

  251. OpiBamBam

    IT ist Fanny and easyJet to make music

  252. damian

    Great VST very good easy to use.

  253. Max Dee

  254. Andrey Surin

  255. Aqu4lex

    Nice vst

  256. Carroll

    Interesting and easy to use. Crisp sound and a nice heavy hit with smoothness. An excellent plugin for any producer.

  257. osy

  258. Caleb

    It’s amazing!

  259. Elvis

  260. parispk

    Yes best

  261. Steven Cain

    Great product for a reggae artist

  262. tierno

    Exactly what I was looking for !

  263. MUKUND

    Superb pluggin because I used afroplug and it is best drum pluggin

  264. Mauricio

  265. David

    Fucking love this deal. 100’s of great drum loops!!!!less than $5 cant go wrong!!

  266. Jonathan

    Great plugin!!! Sounds great and no problems eating up too much memory… runs smooth.

  267. Neo

    I was very excited to start with this and now I’m very happy.

  268. Juan

    Sounds good!

  269. Robin Chow

    Excellent plugin. Quick reggae hiphop dancehall ska and dub drum patterns.

  270. Valerie

    I found this while looking for African percussion samples. I make beats in MPC 2 or occasionally in StudioOne with ImpactXT but I sat banging out random beats for at least 30-45 minutes after installation. I hope there will be more kits because it’s a tight plugin for sketching an idea or adding drums easily. Thanks!

  271. Sakrawi

    Very good sounding Drum VST and really simple to use!!! A lot of preset with great sounding wish need a little tweak to fit your own taste. Awesome and Thank you!

  272. Urama Noble Nmesomachukwu

  273. Blessing

  274. Hélio Filipe


  275. William

    Very good plugin

  276. Makhosi

    Am taking my production to another level this drum VST plugin, watch the space 🎼🇿🇦

  277. Michael

  278. Anonymous

  279. zoo

    Works nicely, very satisfied!

  280. Brent

    I love that AfroPlug gives me a variety percussion combinations s to choose from that complement each other to play with 🙂

  281. Shaquille

    This vst is awesome.👍 It makes it easier by giving rookie producers the right kind of drum instruments for different genres of music…. Really helpful.🔥🔥🔥

  282. Shaquille

    Really loving the Afro keys👍….The Afro marimba is just amazing.🔥🔥🔥

  283. Enrikue Cedeno

    It is really simple, but it sound nice! For a free app, ill give 5 stars. The interface look nice and it is easy to use

  284. Peter

  285. kyle

    17 september 2021

  286. Daz

    Love this plug in, so easy to use… my goto for a quick beat idea!

  287. M.Hariharasudhan

    All your works and sound effect are so good. Keep improving. ALL THE BEST Guys

  288. wanglei

    very good

  289. Brandon


  290. JVR The Shosen One


  291. Rijo

  292. Webster

    Wow! ,This plugin is amazing,for tym nw I been looking for right plugin to make afro beats and I think this is the one and it’s for free ,thank you!

  293. Toxxic

    Satisfied with sounds. They sound real high quality and familiar which inspires creativity.

  294. De Angelo

  295. Go Suzuki

    Simple UI, easy to use, quality sounds. I like it.

  296. Anonymous

    If you are drowning in a huge one-shot sea
    This plugin will grab your hand and pull it up.

  297. queen


  298. Kevin

    This plugin has good samples, to be honest, can be used to produce hit songs, loved it! Definitely useful.

  299. edy

  300. sem


  301. Anonymous

    Great stock sounds for the genre!

  302. lava

    Nice plug ins would really like the VST versions to work on Mac.. also could get the Afro keys to install. But nice work and ideas looking forward to UPDATES and resize-able GUI.

  303. Gift

  304. thomas

    pretty cool but i never recieved the vox plugin

  305. Chiemeriwo

    Thanks so much for this awesome work

  306. Anonymous

    Real good!

  307. Joerg

    Fabulous for a free plug-in

  308. Bernard

    It’s ok and works fine till now but would be better if we could get outputs for each sample for mixing please but it’s ok.

  309. Anonymous

    Great plugin

  310. keoo

    The best

  311. Winston

    Easy to use good sounds



  313. Michael Alexander

    Awesome plugin

  314. Anonymous

    Great drums, but could have added more for varieties.

  315. Elan-Marie

    the best!

  316. Andres

    muy bueno!

  317. Gumblejinn


  318. Анастасия

  319. Adnan

    The most kreativ plugin

  320. Thomas

    Great sounding samples and solid controls only thing is the gui of the plugin on my DAW but it’s still fully operational

  321. Aidan

    It’s a really great VST!It’s a complete package when your pair it with the AfroKeys plugin.Definitely worth it to get the full version as you can get the complete sound that you need.Overall,I really appreciate that Afroplug is doing this for the producer community.Will support them continuously

  322. chimwemwe

  323. suti

    More than a plug ins !! It’s an essential instrument when i compose beat with africain feeling !!

  324. Emili

    Me encantó, muchas gracias!

  325. Nikolai

    Огромное спасибо за вашу работу шикарный плагин

  326. Franz

    thx !

  327. Raymundo

    Muy buena

  328. Anonymous

    Simple is the best!

  329. Anonymous

  330. Michel

    Les sons sont très bons, le programme est rapide et simple. Très satisfait des sons zouk. J ai juste un petit problème d affichage car, sous cubase et Windows 10, je ne vois pas l image de la vst en entier et il n est pas possible de la redimentionner. Ca ne retire en rien aux qualités sonores.

  331. Tyrik

    I am enjoying the plugin, It has authentic sounds to each preset in the library. A couple suggestions I would have would be, the option to resize the plugin and clicking from one preset to another is not instantaneous.

  332. Kio_trujillo

  333. Anonymous

    GreaT drums and effects

  334. Dhruv

  335. joseph

    An excellent plugin, I would recommend it

  336. Muse

  337. Vangelis

    What a great drum plugin!!! It is high quality! Very nice work!!

  338. Yervinson


  339. Anonymous

    Afroplug’s sounds are great and it’s wonderful that it’s a free VST.

  340. Mauri


  341. Ewell

  342. Hyun

    I really love it. Feeling so good with special sounds of it!! Thanks for nice VST.

  343. Natasha Stephens

  344. Kevin

    What a great plugin, just what I needed to make them reggae grooves

  345. Mark

    Very happy

  346. Joseph

    Love it

  347. Jelpi

  348. Anonymous

    Nice plugin. Gets vibes going

  349. Jose

    One of the best I have had heard this last weeks, is just like you guys just hit the right beat that I like since I have the afro beat percussion on me since I am from venezuela

  350. Jesper

    I can’t open the zip file

  351. Gastón Alejandro

    Excelente plugin !

  352. steve

    I expected more afro sounds but I made a reggaeton joint with it, for a free plugin it’s dope

  353. Anonymous


  354. Michel Dean Jordan

    Great PlugIn!

  355. Alessio Gabriele


  356. Tyrone

    No multi out 🙁

  357. Rob

  358. Aliou


  359. Anonymous

  360. Matteo

  361. Taye

  362. joe herrera

    mui bueno el programa

  363. esa

    Was really surprised at the sound of the plug in and how easy it is to use

  364. Dany


    • Afroplug

      De nada!

  365. Dany


  366. Timothée

    Very good ! I like to use it.

  367. José Murilo

  368. alexis


  369. Titus

  370. Stefan

    Very good Programm!

  371. annotnio

    okis drums

  372. Lizo

  373. jay

    having a hard time installing it

  374. Anonymous

    I can’t believe this is free.
    These sounds give me Good feelings & vibes !

  375. Jaguar

    So far so good. Good to use for almost anything. I can control each percussion sound individually and the sounds are higher quality; no junk here.

  376. André

    not tried yet

  377. Daniel

    Sounds Amazing

  378. ROMELTH

    Afroplug is awesome, I made from cumbia to trap, even I used it on regional mexican music n’ sounds fantastic

  379. BROK

    this is amazing!

  380. calvin silcox

    Excellent plugin, great sounds. Put to good use literally within 5 minutes of purchasing. Thank you!

  381. John

    I’m very happy with the AfroPlug drum pad VST. Install was easy. The sound quality is very good. I look forward to experimenting more with it.

  382. Sergio


  383. Ahmet

    Sound quality is awesome!

  384. Juan

  385. Anonymous

    its a dope plugin,u dont need to search,all the necesary drumset for every genre is already set 4 u,all u need to do is draw in the patterns..dope

  386. Lerzy

  387. don

  388. Marvyn

    Love the sounds in this vst, already made a few beats with it straight away.

  389. Chris Ramo

  390. 형준

  391. Frankie

    Love Drum Vst easy for work on new beat and create great groove for my production.

  392. Edem


  394. auston

  395. Tom Msijo

    Switched my dreams to reality, thank you for so much😮‍💨

  396. godwin

    This plugin is fire. I love it

  397. Juan

    Great sounds, defenitely worth trying them out

  398. Ken Seamon

    I needed a “Caribbean” drum beat for a new song that I’m orchestrating in Reaper, and I thought Afroplug might do the job. It did the job very well! I am quite surprised that this plugin is really completely FREE. It’s straightforward interface offers a lot of tweaking and fine-tuning options. The results are quite satisfying.

  399. Anonymous

  400. Fumani

    So far so good. Gets the basics done however it needs an automatic way of adding the plugins instead of having to move them from the Zip file. It would also be great if it could also work on MIDI keyboards a lot more easier.

  401. Aliou

    Very good plugin i love it💪

  402. Anonymous

  403. asd

    Great plugin already made 4 beats with it

  404. Anonymous

  405. Yj

    Even though I downloaded the plugin , due to it’s layout size it bit large on my laptop it doesn’t so full on my screen I can’t use it
    Is there any way I can adjust the radius if plugin according to my screen ,

  406. Marlon

    Dope VST.

  407. Alessandra

    Fantastic plugins for me! I make LoFi music and both Afroplugin and AfroKeyz work perfectly! Thanks!!

  408. Anonymous


  409. Alexandre Oliveira

    Nice plugin with good samples and fast workflow!

  410. Anonymous

    Very good

  411. arron

    It is really good the only thing missing is more.

  412. Rodney Johnson

    I love it. It helps me to make better Afro Beat drum tracks.

  413. Andrew

    Excellent and High Quality sample rom

  414. Mark

    Very nice sounds, lots of options here, good interface 🙂

  415. Gildfort House

    This plugin is so Dope….. thanks

  416. Anonymous

  417. christian Rodriguez

    I already have 5 Beats, I really liked this Plugin, great work and quality, I love it, greetings from Colombia.

  418. Joke

    Nice plug-in

  419. Joshua Bernard

    Guys let’s give it up for the afro team you have exceptional bundles for free and many others to have access to.
    Plus you’ll have that 100gb bundle full to use in your contents.Good jobs guys.

  420. osvaldo

  421. Jadd

    Simple interface and great sounds. Really allows you to get in the zone

  422. Tico Danielsson

    I would give you 5. Because of free plugin. The hard work I can Imagen it takes to make it. And the sound quality is great. I just want to be able to add my own drum samples or have more drum choices for each category. Thank you for this plugin.


  423. Anonymous

    Great content, really well delivered,can’t wait to start using it

  424. Anibal

    I had a great Time, did some cool as reaggetons and 1 rap beat, they sound amazing thank you♥️

  425. Anonymous

    Good presets and samples, but can’t resize VST to access all buttons. Also can’t play with keyboard.

  426. tom

    Great sounds but custom preset volumes fail to load when loading a project file

  427. Anonymous

  428. Karry

    more please

  429. Mukee

  430. Mandrak

    very good effective clean plugin

  431. Wanit

  432. beatsbmmusic

    great vst, great sounds, thank you.

  433. Anonymous

    It sounds good.

  434. Shahin

    These plugins by Afro plug are a big step forward. Not just for Afromusic but Africa itself. To have a plugin with the word Afro in it is awesome. I hope i can make some songs with the plugin and mention that i used it. It contains some really good drums and i appreciate all the extra effects it comes with like Saturation.

  435. Dan

    I can’t believe the versatility of sounds I found

  436. brahim

  437. Anonymous

    a bit confusing on how to set it up, but it sounds amazing

  438. Raymond

  439. David cUEVAS

    I was looking for a plugin in order to enhance my arrangements on Afro Puertorican and Ethnic music and found the AfroPlug to be exactly what I needed.

  440. Anonymous


  441. Kenny

    Love the sounds its a nice Drum VST the only thing I don’t care for is that the plugin is too big inside FL Studio and I had to detach it to see the bottom 6 pads but other than that I like its sounds and can definitely see making some dope beats using the drums or percussion sounds in this VST.

  442. vin

    Afroplug drum is very easy to use and very awesome plugin to create african beat reggaeton type beat

  443. M. Lafond

    Thank you for the 2 free plugins: Afroplug, Afrokeys. I followed your instructions and copied the .dll files and libraries in the folders you suggested, but my DAW does not see them so I am not able to use them. Are these 64-bit vst3? I am using Cubase elements11 on a window 10 PC. I am very anxious to try and would appreciate help on how to make them work. Thank you for your help.

  444. mosmos


  445. Gianni

    Great sounds, terrific plugin!

  446. Juan Ramirez

    Very nice for the basic rhythms and sounds of reggaeton 👌🏾

  447. Madai

    it’s been exactly what i was looking for… for me, as an urban producer, i recomend it

  448. Alain

    This is a great drums vst! Easy to use and sound good from the box. Thanks for making this.

  449. Daniel

    Cool plug-in

  450. Genesis

    it’s got really nice sounds, definitely will be using them on my beats

  451. Anonymous

    A very good product. I really enjoyed it

  452. Anonymous

    nice sound

  453. Eric

    Excellent i recommanded

  454. Anonymous

    Great sounds!

  455. Onur Asar


  456. Mosi

    Easy and convenient interface with great sounds incorporated

  457. IJABOR

    Really good 😄it made my production Great

  458. Dwight

    Great vst for drum programming afrobeat style music.

  459. Dave

    I was really surprised with the quality of this software, it easy to use. Samples are top notch. Definitely recommend this product.

  460. Jack wright

    All good, used this straight away.

  461. Anonymous

  462. Victor


  463. Herosbeats

    Great plugin. Very good and easies my work flow. Thanks for this I love it.

  464. Igor Sena

    Afroplug is a simple plugin, who, instead of confusing you with tons of parameters, inspires you and let’s you go straight to laying out your beat. The included samples are really good as well. Definitely a solid freebie.

  465. Kaushal Sharma

    To be very honest. All the samples are really dope. I couldn’t find samples like these on any other free vst.
    But the lack of restore to default position and individual effects for each sample is soooo pissing me off.
    Why would anyone want to add effects to the whole drum bus ? Doesn’t make any sense.

  466. Anonymous

  467. David

    This Plugin is amazing. I instantly started playing with it. I enjoyed playing with it. When I finally changed the first drumset I started having mini meltdowns. It was made well, everything serves purpose and it is easy to use. I’m blown away about how natural this plugin feels. It really Boom Baps.

  468. chalto55

    Sonidos muy bien logrados, comienzo a usarlos en mis producciones. ATTE CHALTO.

  469. Armelle

    Awesome drum kit with many colours, highly recommend !!

  470. Andre Uzoukwu

    It works so well!

  471. Rauf

    useful and simple

  472. Alexander

  473. Roland

    The sound are solid all a useable .The bass tone a really phat .The zouk compass key surprise me .I will use it on a feel tracks am working on .wicked 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  474. Anonymous

    Absolutely one of the best digital drumsets I’ve bought! Amazing!

  475. david

  476. Anonymous

    Good fit

  477. uche

    quite standard

  478. Tsietsi

    The plugin is actually great, however I just wish it had more kits in the various genres.

  479. Ramazan

    Great VST plugin for producing afro beats.

  480. Viktor

    Have fun! =)

  481. Hiroya Kohsaka

    Great sound quality!!


    un excelente complemento para tu musica

  483. Bolaji Oluwatofunmi Ashraf

    Very wonderful plug in

  484. Anonymous

    It’s a good plugin. Nice sounds of very good quality and easy to use. Lovely interface as well.

  485. fac

    good possibilites for make a sound drum

  486. Renato

    10/10! had problems with ableton, but it’s okay with other programs

  487. salam

  488. Lucas Cardoso

    super useful, masterful sounds. long live black sounds!

  489. Jens Swinkels

    VST file is damaged…

  490. Sibusiso

  491. hector zambrano

  492. Eric

    I love the beautiful sounds. Excellent for the genre.

  493. duane

    This is actually a great plugin for afrodrums

  494. OG

    The Plugin is great I enjoyed all the presets included it’s great in making afrobeat or trap beats
    Keep up the good work

  495. Meebelo

    Super dope plugin if you love that African vibe to your beats. Love it!

  496. Victor

    best plugin

  497. Anonymous

  498. Nicolas Georgakis

    Super Plugin ! Sometimes if you want to remove the „click sounds“ just add a bit more attack to it and its gone

  499. zinomix

    This VST is super amazing, best of the best

  500. Lyndon Livingstone

    A very hand tool. This will be used in my productions. Hope that a future update permits individual tuning of drums.

  501. digda

  502. Lluis

    Perfect tool for add real rithm to my tracks 😉 thanks!

  503. powerhouse

    This is one of the best drums vsts and I highly recommend it for every form of professional production.

  504. Joseph

    I love it everything I need

  505. Brittany

    Doesn’t appear in my DAW’s list of plug-ins even after rescanning.

  506. ade

    great !

  507. Anonymous

  508. Anonymous

    Couldnt open it 🙁

  509. Neto

  510. tony

  511. Gregory Dumont

    Excellent sounds, very cool plugin!

  512. yash

    Good quality.

  513. Himanshu

    A Nice plugin

  514. samu

    top plug in

  515. Tommy Zijlstra

  516. Thomas

    Great VST for Afro inspired music

  517. Juan

  518. Anonymous

  519. Alan

    Great plugin that does exactly as advertised.

  520. Robin

    Just spent a day with this drum plugin and it is entertaining to listen to the combinations. I already feel I will get plenty of use of this one so it is a good investment. I believe it will help my tracks sound better as well.

  521. ruan

    (Portuguese) senti falta de um controle de atack e decai individual por sample e também sofri um pouco pra entender os filtros existentes, o plug-in é perfeito pra quando você está com a ideia na cabeça e não quer perder tempo escolhendo uma biblioteca infinita de samples e one shots

    • Afroplug

      Obrigado Ruan!

  522. Olivier

  523. Clymon Fernandes

  524. Guillaume

  525. Thomas

    Quality is dope !

  526. Scott

    Simple and effective!

  527. Karine

    Nice beats

  528. jaysean

    The plugin loads and visible in the latest macOS however i’ve been unable to figure out how to use it i can see amd here the sounds when i click the number pads with the mouse but nothing happens with my midi keyboard. Shame such great sounds and i cant even use them

    • Afroplug

      Hello Jay! We Will fix it ASAP and inform you when we will have an update!

  529. Michael

    Great software that opens up the door to Afrobeat(s) music

  530. Sam loco

    I am happy. Very happy

  531. MARTHA

  532. GiGiDKR

    Rapport qualité / prix incroyable.

  533. GiGiDKR

    Rapport qualité/prix incroyable !

  534. Max

    I was expecting to honestly be complete garbage, however, I was extremely surprised at the versatility of the product. This isn’t the type of music I produce, but with a few effects, this thing can be a gamechanger!

  535. weedhopper

    Great Plugin. Use it the most for reggaetón beats.

  536. Suman Bhokray

    this is a awesome plugin must to have with every serious Music producer .
    the quality of sound is top class. and the Instruments sounds realistic.
    I am a blind music composer, I thank afroplug Team for making this plugin accessible by also considering screen reader accessibility.
    all the best Team afroplug.
    looking forward for more and more products from you.

  537. Anonymous


  538. sol

    I mean it’s great for the price

  539. Daniel Mathers

    Love the sounds and the simplicity yet powerful controls. Better than expected

  540. Ross

    Unlimited potential in one VST… plugin thumbs all the way up!

  541. Anonymous

    Great plugin…


    Love it!!! It was so easy to install and the sound is very authentic.

  543. Orlando

    This VST Plugin is actually really good and a bang for your buck. It’s a must have plugin!!

  544. samuel

    I love 90’s dancehall beats and this plugin delivers those sound to my doorstep. So clean and easy to work with. It gives quality sound before you work on the mixing with other instrument. Since I am new to this plugin, I don’t know if you can route it. It gives good quality sound.

  545. Anthony

    good stuff

  546. Chip Dixson

    Dope dope drums….

  547. Anonymous


  548. William

    This Unique Afro Essential Drum Product is AWSOME, I’m going to annihilate every drummer in the dancehalls, clubs, on stage and/or in all music charts universally with it, It sounds so unique plus AND BEYOND MORE IT’S GREAT & ORIGINAL.

    Signed. HRH King Judah his Imperial Majesty of the Tribe of Judah and a Seasoned & Trained by Phil Collins lover of the DRUMS in person.

  549. Anonymous

    Didn’t work

  550. Miquel

    This is all you need to get started with your funky Afrobeats, amazing sounding module!

  551. Guy

    Great Plugin !

  552. powa

    great but it crashes logic

  553. Michael Bosch

    I like the plugin and as a free download I cannot fault it. However only the AU unit plugin is available in my Ableton browser. I tried everything but cannot get the VST and VST3 version to appearing the browser in Ableton, although I can see it is installed in the folder. Other than that I think it is a nice plugin and I cannot really moan for a free download.

  554. Lee-Roy

    Great Plugins, low Price and good Customer Service!

  555. Eric

    Good sounds ready to use!

  556. Anonymous


  557. Anthony

    Great plug in and instructions are easy to follow

  558. Oscar

    me gusta

  559. Roberto Bevilacqua

    nice thing

  560. Mpho


  561. Ele Producer

    esta brutal y es muy util

  562. Anonymous

    Excellent tool to start ♥

  563. Mark W.

    Still experimenting,but love it so far.

  564. Anonymous

    Samples are really well recorded

  565. Daniel m.

    Fire 🔥 drums

  566. Rodrigue Lebreton


  567. inopursceij

    liked 100%

  568. Kile Mohamed-Ali

    Nice one and fast pace to do your drums.

  569. NOEL


  570. martinbz

    It worked on Windows (and I loved it) but when installing on Mac it doesn’t appear on the plugins list in Ableton

  571. Kelvin Gilo


  572. Jason W.

    The drums in this thang are crisp, and clean! Surely enough fire to spark the imagination with some dope ideas!

  573. Marvin Gittins

    I’m new to this, but AfroPlugin Drum VST seems to work well. I’m having a bit of trouble with figuring out how to access the pads on my keyboard so I can use it without having to use my mouse, but so far so good!

  574. wesley copperwheat

    It doesn’t load in my DAW (Mixcraft Pro 10) so I can’t evaluate it. I use Windows 10

  575. Hurra Kane


  576. Hurra Kane


  577. Colton Fordyce

    no luck with the install, neither VST2 or VST3 are showing up in Ableton 12 on windows 10. However the Amavibe .exe did install correctly.

  578. Kile

    I have already commented and did not get this credit so I don’t know why I’m getting this after a month

  579. HC


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Afroplugin is our first historically created Plugin, a FREE Drum VST  designed for making Great Afro Oriented beats : Dancehall, R&B, Reggaeton, Lo-fi, Afrobeats and more :

  • 120 sounds (with Lo-Pass, Hi-Pass, Reverb, Saturation, ADSR available)
  • 10 Presets
  • Available for Mac & Windows (32-/64-bits)
  • Mac Installer included for MacOS Catalina and newer users
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