4 Free Jazz VST plugins : Everything you need

4 Free Jazz VST plugins : Everything you need
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Every producer has once been inspired by this bewitching, expressive and beautiful music : here are the best free Jazz VSTs to create it

First, What is Jazz Music?

Jazz is a musical genre born in the late 19th century in the United States, which expanded globally throughout the 20th century. It is a product of African-American culture, it has always been open to influences from other musical traditions, varying with the mixing of cultures, and since the 1920s it has been performed by musicians from different parts of the world with very different backgrounds.

The musical identity of jazz is complex and cannot be easily delimited : it is actually a family of musical genres that share common characteristics, but do not individually represent the complexity of the genre as a whole. The racial issue has always generated a profound debate about jazz, shaping its reception by the public.


Moreover, Jazz are various Social functions such as :
– serve as Background music for gatherings or as dance music
– certain types of jazz demand attentive and concentrated listening

Sometimes the work of more commercially successful musicians has been presented as a paradigm of jazz,1which fans and critics have considered by-products far from the tradition, understanding on the contrary, that jazz is a form of black music, in which African Americans have been its greatest innovators and most notable representatives.

The author Joachim Ernst Berendt distinguishes 3 basic elements that jazz have from European classical music :
– A special rhythmic quality known as Swing
– The role of improvisation
– A sound and phrasing that reflect the personality of the performing musicians.

Throughout its history, jazz has evolved from a simple popular dance music to a world-renowned art form. Parallel to this progress, attitudes towards this music have also changed : in 1924 a New York Times reporter referred to it as “the return of the music of the ‘savages'”, while in 1987 the United States Congress declared jazz to be an “outstanding model of expression” and an “exceptional national treasure”.

It has been pointed out that the engine of such progress has been innovation, a particularity that has always been present in the history of this music, directing its evolution and characterizing the work of its most outstanding artists alongside a more traditionalist branch.

Parallel to this dichotomy between innovation and tradition, Jazz has moved between the work of some artists who have only sought the recognition of a small but select audience and others who have directed their efforts to a wider audience.

Shreddage 3 Stratus : Electric Guitar VST


Available via Kontakt, Shreddage 3 stratus is awesome ! : a free eletric guitar with a warm sound ready to embellish your music productions.

Try it today: we’re spoiled!

Features :

  • Realistic chords
  • Strumming tab
  • Mixer
  • Slide

Download for free Shreddage 3 Stratus : here

Redtron SE : Mellotron emulation


For fans of orchestral jazz, this free 1973 Mellotron emulation is ideal : it contains 9 different impressive sounds.

Features :

  • 9 instruments presets : MKII Flute, MKII 3 Violins, M400 Cello, MKII Brass, M400 Combined Choir, M400 String Section, M400 Woodwinds, M300A Violins, M300B Violin
  • Layer
  • Delay
  • Reverb
  • Pitch

Try for free Redtron SE : here

Hanon B 70 : B3 Hammon emulation

Lostin70s Audio offers us HaNon B70 : a great B3 Hammond emulation with a leslie 122 with a low CPU

Features :

  • Amp
  • Percussions
  • Chorus
  • Vibrato
  • Reverb

Download Hanon B 70 : here

Kit Buat Jazz : Jazz Drum VST

Created by Buat, a talented Indonesian music producer, this free Jazz VST drum contains 12 sounds ready to form the basis of your next Jazz composition.

Features :

  • Reverb
  • Filter
  • ADSR

Start your Jazz Drums with this free Jazz Drum VST : here