11 Free Acapella Generators 2024 : Extract Vocals from any Song

11 Free Acapella Generators 2024 : Extract Vocals from any Song

On the Web, there is a growing phenomenon : the appearance of algorithmic sites allowing to create the accapella or instrumental of any song in a few seconds. Here are the best free online Audio extractors, Acapella Makers and some bonuses as well

Even if some VST plugins (which I will also talk about), are beginning to do this task well, many music producers are not yet satisfied with the results.Personally, I find these free accapella creator sites are very useful: I often use this technique to create WAV or MP3 acapellas of my favorite songs to make a remix on Soundcloud! We will see below, the top free sites that offer : Vocal remover.

Afroplug - #1 All in one platform for African producers

Top Pick : Afroplug app

After having more than 50,000 Plugins customers in 2022, we have created an all-in-one music AI application for Afro DJs and Music Producers.

One of the main features is the 2,4, 5 track Stem Creator : Acapellas, Instrumentals, Drums and Melodies can be extracted according to your preferences in WAV or MP3.

And it’s possible to extract for free the vocal of your favorite song for your Remixes, Mashups, DJ set or live shows : Sign up free here

1 : Lalal.ai

Lalal.ai is an audio company that has set up a free creator of high quality acapella : you will be able to recover the acapella or instrumental of any song, video or movie.

Recover the quality of any acapella with almost no loss of quality : dear producer, let’s go for a new remix for your next DJ Set or increase your exposure on social networks!

7 free acapella generators : extract vocals from any song
Lalal.ai : Drag & Drop easily your favorite song, audio or movie and extract vocals today

Try for free Lalal.ai : here

2. Vocalremover.org

With its pleasant interface, Vocalremover is a platform to try right away : it has everything to please a music producer or DJ looking for a quick hookup!

In addition, it also offers functions such as the BPM finder that allows you to find the rhythm of any song.

Discover Vocal Remover : here

3. Acapella extractor

Acapella extractor is the one I use most often. It allows to extract vocals and to export them for you in undeniable quality : WAV and MP3.

If you want to recover the instrumental of a song, they also propose another site : Remove-vocals

Discover Acapella extractor : here

4. PhonicMind

Phonic mind is a free platform with a function to create acapellas but more than that: they also allow you to get the stems of any song!

Yes, that’s right! With these stems, you can get the main parts of any song: the WAV track of the bass, the other of the piano, or the drums.

Try PhonicMind : here

This free stems extraction is also available on Splitter.

5. Edityouraudio

Edityouraudio is the first site I found that offers this feature. From your upload or a Youtube video link, it offers you in a few minutes, the acapella of your dreams in multiple formats : wav, mp3, aiff and flac.

Discover edityouraudio : here

6. Conversion tool

This site, even if its design is not attractive, it is effective. Indeed, it allows you to create an acapella version of a track for free via your upload, Dropbox, Onedrive or any web url link : Soundcloud, Facebook… any link!

Try Conversion-tool : here

7. Vocali.se

Vocali.se assists you for your karaoke…lol! Upload your title on their website and let the magic happen. If you are satisfied with the result, you can make a paypal donation on their website if you want.

Vocali.se : here

8. Melody ML

As the flagship competitor of the Acapella extractor, the Melody ML platform gives you two choices : receive an acapella with the instrument separated or receive an acapella plus the key instruments of the piece separated.
Even though it works perfectly, it only offers an mp3 export, which might not please us, music producers, DJs : big fans of quality music, right?

9. Acapella remover plugins VST

Even if many people are not yet convinced, yes, there are also VST plugins to extract the acapella from a piece.

Vocal remover by GST : Free Windows VST

Download : here

Vocal remover by 2nd Sense AU, VST (15 $)

Download : here

Isola Pro FX AU,VST (149$)

Download : here

10. Newcomer : Vocalremover.co

7 free acapella generators : extract vocals from any song

Through the use of artificial intelligence, Vocalremover.co allows you to get the instrumental of any song : ideal for DJ music producers, isn’t it?

And it’s all free : just insert the MP3 track you want and let the magic happen.

Try for free Vocalremover.co : here

BONUS : Audacity, the free open source DAW

And of course, as you can see on the video below, there is still the good old method to make an acapella, the use of the free open source DAW: Audacity (which I use from time to time).

Finally, in all this, tell me what is your favorite method to get the acapella of a song? Tell us all in comments.