Beatpulse : Beatstars alternative made by Thaibeats

Beatpulse : Beatstars alternative made by Thaibeats
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Would you like to join a team of passionate and professional beatmakers to make your beatmaking work profitable? Join Thaibeats : a team of music producers who have collaborated with the hottest artists today

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1. What is BeatPulse?

Beatpulse is a mobile application for selling quality urban beats: Afrobeats, R&B, Reggaeton….

It was created by Thaibeats, a group of renowned producers in the music industry, having already collaborated with major label artists and having more than 20,000 customers on their website:


Like its competitors, Beatstars, Traktrain, Airbit and Amplifihub, it is not a beats store marketplace because the producers are selected before accessing the platform.

Discover the site : here

2. Why join them?

If you are a fan of youtuber producers, surely you know Thaibeats! t’s a European collective of producers who produce everything that is urban music: R&B, Trap, Reggaeton, Afrobeats…

Joining them via their Beatpulse application, would surely open new horizons and placements for your potential beats.

3. Regular incomes from your beats

Yes, we know that it’s not all rosy in a producer’s career.

But if you get accepted to Beatpulse, it will surely bring in some small or large income to add to your bank account and will do good to your current income.

4. How to join them ?

Being created by a team of producers of undeniable talent, of course you have to pass a selection to join their application.

For this, it’s very simple, send your application : here

Good luck!