Free Yamaha DX7 VST : Dexed (Whitney Houston, Tina Turner)

Free Yamaha DX7 VST : Dexed (Whitney Houston, Tina Turner)
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The Yamaha DX7 is a synthesizer from the 80s that was the source of legendary songs from that era: it was used in songs by Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and many others

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Dexed, Free Yamaha DX7 VST (Whitney Houston, Tina Turner)

Yamaha DX7 Story

The Yamaha DX7 is a synthesizer using FM synthesis built by Yamaha from 1983 to 1986, followed by the DX7 II between 1987 and 1989. It was the first successful digital synthesizer and was used in many songs of the 1980s.

John Chowning, a professor at Stanford University, invented the principle of FM synthesis in the late 1960s, but no American synthesizer or organ company took the risk of making a prototype, certainly because of the difficulties of designing digital circuits that alone could do FM synthesis. Three young Japanese engineers (Mr. Ichimura, Mr. Hirokato and Mr. Endos) became passionate about the concept and succeeded not only in convincing Yamaha’s keyboard division (Gakki, Osaka) to develop prototypes (electric pianos that will be available with the GS series) but also in patenting the exclusivity of the FM synthesis for ten years.


As soon as it was released, the DX7 was a real wave in the world of electronic instruments. The main reasons for its success (more than 180,000 units manufactured) were the precision and clarity of the sound it produced, which set it apart from the analog synthesizers that dominated the market at the time, its very competitive selling price and its great robustness for the stage. Many competing companies closed down shortly after its release. Korg in very bad shape is bought by Yamaha in 1986.

Roland will put an end to the domination of the FM sound with the D-50 synthesizer in 1987.

Many artists used the DX7 in the 1980s and 1990s.

The DX7 is known for its electric piano, bass, bell, and general metal percussion sounds. Some of them have become pop music classics.

Dexed : Free Yamaha DX7 emulation VST

Dexed VST is the closest to the Yamaha DX7 in VST emulation: its multifunctionalities are interesting and allow to create exceptional sounds.

Download Dexed VST : here