D’Pinga : Best Free Afro Latin Percussion VST

D’Pinga : Best Free Afro Latin Percussion VST
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D’Pinga is a free percussion instrument ideal for your beats with afro tendency. Download now and produce!

Pulp audio has created a free percussion VST to try right away : D’Pinga

D'Pinga : Best Free African,Caribbean & Latin Percussion VST

According to Pulp Audio, D’Pinga is a free Drum VST ideal for Salsa and Afro Cuban beats.


Its functionalities are :

  • Timbal
  • Cascara
  • Mambo Bells
  • Chacha Bells
  • Cymbal
  • Robin
  • Woodblock
  • 8 velocity layers
  • Adjustable gain, tuning and pan

Download this free percussion VST : here

Afroplugin and Afrokeyz : 2 free VST for Drums & Melodies

We also have 2 free vst’s ideal for making Latin, Afro and Caribbean oriented beats.


Afroplugin is a free drum VST with 10 drumkits and all the built-in features and effects to perfect the sound you want.

Download Afroplugin for free : here


With over 40 presets, Afrokeyz is a virtual synth that will help you produce melodies for Afro-oriented beats.

Download Afrokeyz for free : here