Free 80s VSTs : Breathtaking Vintage Synths and Drums emulation

Free 80s VSTs : Breathtaking Vintage Synths and Drums emulation
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From the Zouk of the 80’s (Kassav), to the Afro-American music of the Jackson Five, or the Pop R&B beats of Whitney Houston: find in this article, the best free VST emulations available to reproduce this kind of music

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Kawai K1 VS Nils K1V

Developer Nils Schneider has admirably recreated Kawai’s famous K1 synth with over 1000 built-in presets. If you liked this VST, a donation button is integrated to it to thank them for their work.

Download Free Emulation Kawai K1 : here


Minimoog VS Model-E

Flagship synthesizer of the 80s, Minimoog can be found in many Disco songs. Indeed, it is used in a song of the legendary Afro-American singer Donna Summer.

Download the Free Emulation Minimoog : here

Obeirheim OB-X VS OB-XD

The Obeirheim OB-X is my favorite R&B synth. Efficient and delivering a unique addictive sound, it’s a must-have to have in your synth collection.

Download Free emulation Obeirheim OB-X : here

Roland Juno-60 and JX8P VS TAL NO-62 and PG-8X

Being a fan of analog versions of Roland’s legendary synthesizers, I can tell you that these emulations are perfect! Feel free to download it.

Download Free Emulation Roland Juno 60 : here

Download Fre Emulation Roland JX-8P : here

And if you’re a fan of the excellent paid Emulation of Roland Juno 60, Tal-U-NO-LX V2 : get our carefully selected presets for 80s beats, Funk, R&B and more.

Yamaha DX7 VS Dexed and CS01 VS Hahaha CS01

Who never wanted to try the famous Yamaha DX 7 and the bass used especially in the Zouk of the 80’s, the Yamaha CS01: it’s possible and…it’s free!

Download Free Emulation Yamaha DX7 : here

Dowloand Free Emulation Yamaha CS01 (Windows only) : here

Djinndrum VS Linndrum

The Lindrumm is often used in Vaporwave, Synthwave and more precisely nowadays in The Weeknd’s tracks : it’s a VST to try!

Download Free Emulation Linndrum : here

Roland Drums TR 606,808,909

These classics are no longer to be presented!

808 emulation : here

606 emulation : here

909 emulation : here

Realistic MG-1 VS Surrealistic MG-1 Plus

MG1 Plus Analogue Synthesizer by Moog for Radio Shack (1981)
Surrealistic MG1 Plus Synthesizer VST by Cherry Audio

For lovers of Moogs synths, Cherry audio offers a freebie not to be overlooked: a nice reproduction of the Surrealistic MG1 Plus with 130 presets that are sure to embellish your musical compositions.

Download Free Emulation MG1 Plus by Moog : here

What’s is your favorite vintage synth? Tell us everything in comments section.We look forward to hearing from you!