Goyo : Free AI Voice Isolator VST Plugin

Goyo : Free AI Voice Isolator VST Plugin
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Are you looking for a way to improve your audio quality and remove unwanted noise from your recordings? If so, you might be interested in Goyo Voice Separator, a free plugin that uses artificial intelligence to separate the voice from the ambient noise and reverb : it is currently in beta testing and you can sign up for it on their website.

Goyo Voice Separator works by splitting your audio into three channels:

  • Ambience
  • Voice
  • Voice Reverb

You can adjust the volume of each channel independently or mute them completely to achieve the desired effect. For example, you can de-noise your audio by lowering the Ambience channel, de-voice your audio by lowering the Voice channel, or de-reverb your audio by lowering the Voice Reverb channel. You can also use Goyo Voice Separator to create karaoke tracks or isolate vocals for remixing creating with our Various Royalty-Free Loops & Samples Packs


Goyo Voice Separator is compatible with macOS and Windows and supports AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats. It is designed for content creators, sound engineers, producers, streamers, musicians, and anyone who needs to clean up their audio or separate vocals from background noise.

Goyo Voice Separator has been praised by several online publications for its simplicity and effectiveness .

Goyo : Free Voice Separator - Splitter AI - Vocal Remover VST Plugin

If you want to try Goyo Voice Separator for yourself, you can sign up for the beta version on their website : here

It is free to use and you will receive a download link after submitting your email address. You can also check out some audio examples on their website to hear how Goyo Voice Separator works in different scenarios.

Goyo Voice Separator is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that can help you improve your audio quality and remove unwanted noise from your recordings. Whether you need to de-noise, de-voice, or de-reverb your audio, Goyo Voice Separator can do it all in one plugin. Don’t miss this opportunity to try it out for free while it is still in beta testing. Sign up for Goyo Voice Separator today and enjoy cleaner and clearer audio.