Jaysynths Interview : ” Ojapiano ” Hit Producer of Kcee, Flavour, Mr Eazi, Oxlade, Ckay & Teni!

Jaysynths Interview : ” Ojapiano ” Hit Producer of Kcee, Flavour, Mr Eazi, Oxlade, Ckay & Teni!


In the ever-evolving realm of music production, certain talents shine brightly, contributing to the global soundscape and shaping the hits that resonate across the airwaves. Jaysynths, popularly known as “Ojapiano,” is one such luminary. Hailing from Nigeria, this hitmaker has produced chart-topping tracks for some of the industry’s heavyweights, including Kcee, Flavour, Mr Eazi, Oxlade, CKay, and Teni. In this exclusive interview, we unravel the journey of Jaysynths, exploring the roots of “Ojapiano,” his creative process, and the secrets behind his string of successes.

Origins of “Ojapiano”

Jaysynths earned the moniker “Ojapiano” through his distinctive blend of afrobeat rhythms and classical piano arrangements. The fusion of traditional Nigerian sounds with the elegance of Amapiano melodies has become a signature element in his productions. Born and raised in Nigeria, Jaysynths draws inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry that surrounds him, creating music that resonates not only within Africa but across the globe.

Collaborating with Industry Giants:

One of the defining features of Jaysynths’ career is his collaboration with a stellar lineup of artists. From the high-energy tunes of Kcee and Flavour to the soulful melodies of Mr Eazi and Oxlade, and the infectious beats of CKay and Teni, Jaysynths has consistently proven his versatility. Each collaboration is a testament to his ability to navigate diverse genres within the Afrobeat umbrella, contributing to the global rise of Nigerian music.

Crafting Hits Across Genres:

Jaysynths’ discography spans a wide spectrum of musical styles, reflecting his ability to adapt to the unique demands of each artist. Whether it’s the dancehall-infused beats of Kcee’s hits, the romantic ballads of Flavour, or the contemporary sounds of CKay and Teni, Ojapiano’s production touch is unmistakable. His intuitive understanding of the artist’s vision and his commitment to innovation have solidified his reputation as a go-to producer in the industry.

Ojapiano’s Sonic Palette:

In our interview, Jaysynths opens up about his creative process and the elements that define the “Ojapiano” sound. From the initial spark of inspiration to the meticulous arrangement of each instrument, he emphasizes the importance of preserving the authenticity of Nigerian music while pushing the boundaries of creativity. The integration of classical piano elements into Afrobeat has become a trademark, adding a layer of sophistication to his productions.

Hits That Resonate Globally

Jaysynths’ production magic has resulted in hits that not only dominate the charts in Nigeria but also resonate with audiences worldwide. His work with Mr Eazi on global hits showcases the international appeal of his sound. The ability to create music that transcends cultural boundaries has positioned Jaysynths as a key player in the global Afrobeat movement.

Looking Ahead

As Jaysynths reflects on his journey so far, he remains dedicated to evolving his sound and contributing to the ever-expanding landscape of Afrobeat. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of his craft, Ojapiano envisions continuing his musical journey, collaborating with both established and emerging artists.


Jaysynths, aka “Ojapiano,” stands as a testament to the vibrancy and diversity of the Nigerian music scene. His journey from a young music enthusiast in Nigeria to a hit producer for global stars is a testament to the power of talent, dedication, and cultural fusion. As we eagerly anticipate the next wave of hits from Ojapiano, there’s no doubt that his music will continue to reverberate, connecting audiences around the world through the infectious beats of Afrobeat.