: Free Music Producer tool for Mashups & remixes : Free Music Producer tool for Mashups & remixes
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You are a music producer or a DJ and you want to make a remix or a mashup today ? is the free online solution: get the acapella and instrumental of any song in high quality.

First, what is is a free AI online software that allows you to recover the Stems of any audio : be it a video or a song. The great thing is that you can get all this in multiple formats :

  • MP3
  • OGG
  • WAV
  • MP4
  • AVI
  • FLAC
  • M4V

Stems are the main parts of an audio often divided into 4 parts :

  1. Vocals
  2. Drums
  3. Melodies
  4. Bass

Try for free : here : Amazing tool for Music Producer & DJ

Whether you are a producer or a DJ, you surely know the importance of doing a remix in your musical career (of course being careful about copyrights) : it can bring you unimaginable opportunities.

Personally, I am one of the living proofs of this : being co-founder of Afroplug, and at the same time also music producer and DJ, making remixes and mashups have allowed me to book shows internationally, appearances in international radios, increase my fanbase incredibly and monetize my own original compositions (all this while being independent).

So is a quick and easy way to get the acapellas or instrumentals of the latest hits and be one of the first to remix the hit, post it on social networks and potentially increase your views and go viral!

As a DJ, you could also create live remixes or mashups to spice up your DJ sets and make your audience even more excited and increase your reputation!

There are so many advantages of using : be creative and boost your musical career today.

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