Lamont Graves : Free Tips for Better Music Producer Contracts

Lamont Graves : Free Tips for Better Music Producer Contracts
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Hard to protect yourself in the music industry when you are a producer, isn’t it? Lamont Graves : your best advisor to get you through it

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Who is Lamont Graves?

Lamont Graves is a music entrepreneur and music industry consultant. He has also worked with known and unknown music producers who have seen over $40 million in royalties from their beats.


They also help these producers to:

  • make the most money with their beats placements
  • help them not get ripped off in the music business

5 ways to earn music with a placement album

Lamont Graves’ Instagram has some great information that every producer should know.

For example, there is a tip on 5 ways to make money with an album placement for a music producer which are :

  1. Producer advance
  2. Producer royalties
  3. Performance royalties
  4. Publishing royalties
  5. Synchronization fees

Read more about his tip : here

Graves firm Masterclasses

Grave firms is Lamont Graves’ company that provides online courses on how to earn money safely in music industry :

  • the music business
  • mastering and publishing
  • the world of the music industry
  • sync lycensing

Visite Grave firms website : here