Rave dos Fluxos Vol.1

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Inspired by the new era of Brazilian electronic funk, we present “RAVE DOS FLUXOS”! A super pack filled with ideas inspired by the main artists of this movement in Brazil such as DJ GBR, Pedro Sampaio, Mega Baile do Areias, Ruxell, DJ Topo, Carlos & Adão and many more! Everything you need to produce this new style and stand out in this thriving scene.

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In Stock
  • Trusted by Producers of Beyoncé, Sean Paul, Davido, Travis Scott, Asake, Burna Boy & More!
  • Used by 70 000+ Producers Worldwide
  • Premium Quality
  • Create Hits in Seconds


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Ya’ll already know that FUNK is Brazil’s hottest export worldwide, and with more and more DJs from the genre gaining international fame, there’s an exciting new movement called ‘FUNK RAVE.’ This vibrant blend combines the classic funk rhythms with the massive beats of big arena electronic music. Our new pack is perfectly equipped for you to dive into this funky subgenre and perhaps create the NEXT BIG HIT for the party scene!

This pack includes:

  • Construction Kits (5): Dive deep with kits crafted to inspire. Each kit is named and BPM tagged for easy integration:
    • Martinho (138 BPM)
    • Blue (135 BPM)
    • Pedrindigdin (135 BPM)
    • Ratão (133 BPM)
    • Desce (130 BPM)
  • Templates (5): Fully fleshed-out projects for Ableton Live 10.1, providing you with a solid starting point to tweak, expand, and innovate your tracks.

Explore ‘FUNK RAVE’ and start making your own electrifying tracks with all the essentials provided in this pack!


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