Sonic Zest Kora : Kora VST instrument for African beats

Sonic Zest Kora, Free Kora VST instrument for African beats

Would you like to add some Kora in your beats, one of the most beautiful instruments offered by the African continent? Here’s a Kora VST

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What is a Kora instrument?

The kora is a stringed musical instrument originating from Mali and found throughout West Africa.

According to legend, the first kora was the personal instrument of a female genie who lived in the caves of Missirikoro in Mali. Impressed and moved by the music of the instrument, a great warlord, Tiramakhan Traore, decided to dispossess the female genie. With the help of his hunting companions, Waly Kelendjan and Djelimaly Oulé Diabaté, he recovered the instrument, which fell to Djelimaly, the group’s griot. Djelimaly transmitted it to his son Kamba. And so it passed from father to son until Tilimaghan Diabaté who introduced it to Mali.

Kora VST : Sonic Zest

Sonic Zest Kora : Kora VST instrument for African beats

The audio company Sonic Zest, has created a Kora VST, using real instruments from Mali.

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Features :

  • Harmonics 
  • Slow Tremolo 
  • Fast Tremolo 
  • Staccato 
  • Glissando 
  • Trills 

Download Kora VST : here

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