StillNaS Interview: Comorian Producer behind the hits of Dadju, Tiakola, Franglish & Fally Ipupa

StillNaS Interview: Comorian Producer behind the hits of Dadju, Tiakola, Franglish & Fally Ipupa
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In the ever-evolving world of music, there are unsung heroes whose talent and dedication shape the industry from behind the scenes. Still Nas, a rising star in music production hailing from the Comoros, is one such hero.

His production credits include some of the most notable names in the music scene, such as Dadju, Tiakola, Franglish, and Fally Ipupa.

In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Still Nas, exploring his journey, creative process, and the impact he’s made in the music industry.

From Comoros to the World: Still Nas’ Journey

Born and raised in the Comoros, a country with a rich musical heritage, Still Nas’s passion for music was ignited from an early age. The vibrant rhythms and melodies of his culture served as the backdrop for his musical exploration. In his teenage years, he began experimenting with music production software and beat-making, paving the way for his journey into the heart of the music industry.


Collaborations with Music Icons

Still Nas’s rise to prominence in the music industry is marked by an impressive list of collaborations. His production credits include some of the biggest names in the business:

  1. Dadju: Collaborating with Dadju, an artist celebrated for his distinctive musical style, was a creative adventure for Still Nas. The duo spent extensive time refining beats to align with Dadju’s artistic vision, culminating in the creation of memorable music.
  2. Tiakola: Tiakola is another artist who has had the privilege of working with Still Nas. Their collaboration demonstrates the producer’s versatility and adaptability, as Tiakola’s music presents its own unique challenges and opportunities for creativity.
  3. Franglish: Franglish, known for his fusion of diverse musical influences, found a creative partner in Still Nas. Their partnership resulted in music that seamlessly blends genres, demonstrating the producer’s ability to navigate the complex landscape of contemporary music.
  4. Fally Ipupa: The collaboration with Congolese superstar Fally Ipupa is a testament to Still Nas’s international reach. Their work together showcases the producer’s ability to adapt his skills to the global stage.

He also produced for Ateyaba, Alonzo, Vegedream, MHD, NSG & More..

The Creative Process

Still Nas’s creative process is a fascinating blend of inspiration, experimentation, and technical expertise. He draws from the rich cultural tapestry of the Comoros, infusing his productions with a unique sonic identity that sets his work apart.

For Still Nas, each collaboration is an opportunity to push boundaries and explore new horizons. He approaches each project with an open mind, working closely with artists to understand their creative vision and translate it into music that resonates with audiences.

Aspirations in the Music Industry

Despite his impressive achievements, Still Nas’s journey in the music industry is far from over. He aspires to continue pushing boundaries, exploring new sounds, and collaborating with a diverse range of artists. His commitment to evolving as a producer reflects his dedication to the art of music and his unwavering passion for creating captivating soundscapes.

In Conclusion

Still Nas is a name that is leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. Hailing from the Comoros, this talented producer’s work with artists like Dadju, Tiakola, Franglish, and Fally Ipupa is a testament to his creative prowess. His journey from a small island nation to the international stage is an inspiring tale of talent, dedication, and the unifying power of music. As Still Nas continues to shape the soundscape of contemporary music, his story serves as a reminder that, in music, the world is your canvas, and the possibilities are limitless.