Voloco : Free Autotune VST for T-Pain Effect

Voloco : Free Autotune VST for T-Pain Effect
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Need to use T pain’s Autotune, for you or the artists you collaborate with? Here is Voloco, the perfect free VST autotune for an autotune effect worthy of T Pain, Future, Vybz Kartel and many other current artists

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Wait…where does Autotune come from?

Auto-Tune is a tone correction software create by Antares Audio Technologies in 1997. However, he was previously created in late 1996 by Andy Hildebrand, an American engineer working in the oil industry.

Auto-Tune is a voice correction software allowing to sing in tune. But, when the settings are pushed to the extreme, the treatment, until now transparent and natural, takes on an artificial character, giving the voice a “metallic” aspect.


It is often associated with the singer Cher and the rapper T-Pain, who popularized its use, but many other artists use it, openly or not, especially in the rap and electronic music scene.

Since then, Auto-Tune has gone from being a tool to a real instrument, allowing to imagine new forms of modern musical expressions.

Auto-Tune is an original production of Antares Audio Technologies, but since 1997 a large number of software have this function, as well as stand-alone devices. As competing paid softwares we can mention : Melodyne, V-Vocal or VoiceWorks.

Voloco : Best Free autotune Alternative VST and mobile App

Voloco is a free VST and also a mobile application created by 2 passionate musicians from Resonant Cavity, in love with experience

Voloco : Free Autotune VST for T-Pain Effect

Voloco VST plugin includes 6 presets with amazing features :

  • Key
  • Scale
  • Pitch Correction

Download free Vocolo VST : here

Voloco : Free Autotune app for T-Pain Effect

The mobile version of Voloco also allows to be an integrated home studio for any amateur or professional musician who wants to experiment and find inspiration for their next songs!

You can also record videos with their effects : ideal for your videos on Tik tok to improve your music producer marketing strategies.

Download Vocolo mobile app : here