Audiobombs : Biggest Free VST Plugins Presets Library ever

Audiobombs : Biggest Free VST Plugins Presets Library ever
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If you are looking for free VST plugins, Racks, Refills and Presets for music production, you have : Audiobombs is the biggest free VST plugins presets library ever

First, what is a Plugin VST Preset?

A VST plugin preset is a file that contains the settings of a specific virtual instrument or effect that is compatible with the VST standard. VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology, and it is a software interface that allows audio applications to communicate with and control various audio plugins.

A VST plugin can be a synthesizer, a sampler, a reverb, a compressor, or any other audio processing tool that can enhance or modify the sound of an audio signal. A VST plugin preset is a way of saving and recalling the parameters of a VST plugin, such as the volume, the filter cutoff, the envelope shape, the modulation depth, and so on.


A VST plugin preset can be created by the user or by the plugin developer, and it can be stored in various formats, such as .fxp, .fxb, .vstpreset, or .nks. A VST plugin preset can be loaded into any compatible host application, such as a digital audio workstation (DAW), and applied to any audio track or channel.

A VST plugin preset can help users to quickly achieve a desired sound without having to adjust every parameter manually, or to explore different sonic possibilities by browsing through various presets.


Audiobombs is a website that hosts thousands of free presets for various VST plugins, such as Serum, Massive, Sylenth1, Spire, and many more. You can browse through different categories, genres, and tags to find the perfect sound for your project. You can also upload your own presets and share them with the community.

Audiobombs : Biggest Free VST Plugins Presets Library ever

Audiobombs is not only a great resource for finding free presets, but also a platform for learning and inspiration. You can download presets from other producers and see how they created their sounds. You can also tweak them to your liking and make them your own. You can discover new techniques, tips, and tricks that will help you improve your sound design skills.

Audiobombs is constantly updated with new presets from talented and generous users. You can always find something fresh and exciting to spice up your tracks. Whether you need a bass, a lead, a pad, a pluck, or any other sound, you can find it on Audiobombs.

So what are you waiting for?

Head over to and start exploring the biggest free VST plugins presets library ever. You will be amazed by what you can find and create with these amazing sounds.